After Care

Bio Gels after Care Advice & take home kits

Congratulations on choosing Bio Gels – The healthier alternative designed to assist in the growth of your natural nail. To ensure your finger and toe nails stay in optimal condition here are a few tips for you to follow to keep your nails looking as lovely as they do today.

After one week remove the Bio Sculpture Gel Clear Coat/Varnish with your Bio Sculpture Gel Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover, wash your hands or toes, dry thoroughly and replace Clear Coat/Vanish. This will bring back the shine to your nails and protect your Gel. After the second week remove clear coat as above, then with an Orange stick or Cuticle pusher, carefully push back your cuticle.

If needing to shorten nails use a Grit File, follow with a Block Buff lightly all over your Gel for a smooth finish.

Apply Bio Sculpture Executive Base onto the new nail growth let it dry and then apply clear coat over the entire nail. Apply one or two coats of Bio Sculpture Varnish. Use Quick Dry Spray to finish.

For finger nails it is advisable that you return for your first refill 2 weeks after your initial Gel application.

Your Nail Technician will advise you on times for next refills (appx. 3 to 5 weeks), depending on length and condition of nail bed. For toe nails 6-8 weeks between refill is recommended.

If you want to remove the Gel make an appointment with you Nail Technician so this can be done correctly without damage to the nail plate. NEVER pick or peel the Gel as this will damage to the nature nail.

We do NOT guarantee other brand products with Bio Sculpture Gel, as they may contain ingredients that can damage the Gel. If you use other brands, this is at your own risk. We offer a range of specifically formulated compatible products that we are pleased to advise you on, ask your Nail Technician.



If your nails look like they are crazing (this will appear as hairline cranks in he Clear Coats / varnish) remove clear coat/varnish with Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover and re-apply Clear Coat /varnish.

If you nails appear black this can be the dyes from clothing or newspaper print. Use your Acetone Free Polish Remover to remover clear coat/varnish, lightly buff with a Block Buff, wash hands and reapply clear coat/varnish.

Wear gloves when using citrus based cleaning products, detergents or chemicals as they can soften or discolour the Gel and are dehydrating on your hands.

Use Bio Sculpture Varnishes – seek advice for use of other brands – DO NOT use speed drying polishes!

Bio Sculpture Hand Cream & Cuticle Cream are formulated specifically for use with the Gel and should be applied daily.

Ask your Bio Sculpture Nail Technician to recommend the best Gift Pack to suit you nail after care needs.

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