Bio Sculpture Take Home Kits

Treatment Kit

Like hair, nails require conditioning to prevent it from splitting and becoming brittle. Nutrients are essential for healthy natural nail growth and is a multi-functional conditioner that will compress the nail keratin (which is the protein from which nails are formed) and strengthen soft brittle nails. It will boost the overall health of the natural nail leaving it to grow strong. This Bio Sculpture Treatment Kit has everything needed to moisturize and strengthen natural nails. Kit Contains; Cuticle Finisher (reusable) 10ml Vitamin Dose (nutrient) 10ml Cuticle Softener/Remover (nutrient) 10ml Cuticle Oil (nutrient) 10ml Lavender Base (nutrient) Zipper bag (reusable) Instructional Leaflet.

Soak Off Kit

The Gel Removal Kit was created to give clients the option to remove their Bio Sculpture Gel nails in the comfort of their own home. Kit Contains; Cuticle Finisher (reusable) Gray Buffer – 240 Grit 4 oz. Soak Off (gel remover) Cuticle Cream Cuticle & Nail Conditioner 10 ml. Wonder Wipe roll (dense cotton) Zipper bag (reusable) Instructional Leaflet.

Mini Mani/Pedi Kit

Each season brings unique challenges for our hands and feet. Keeping them supple and healthy requires a regimen that keeps up with the changing temperatures. Indulge your hard-working hands and feet with our most advanced therapies to hydrate and repair dry, cracked hands and feet. Kit Contains; Cuticle Finisher (reusable) Key Ring file – 220 Grit Gray Buffer – 240 Grit 10ml Nail Polish of choice 250ml/4oz Cleanser (polish remover) 10ml Cuticle Softener/Remover 10ml Apricot Kernel Scrub 100ml Mint Mask 100ml Hand & Body Butter Zipper bag (reusable) Instructional Leaflet

Repair Kit

This handy repair kit will fit into the smallest handbag. It is ideal for home use or when going away for the weekend. The Repair Kit includes an Orange Stick, a disposable Buffer, a piece of Sticky Silk, 2g Bio Bond Quick Set, Silver Stork Nail Scissors and a 5ml High Gloss Top Coat.

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