Beauty & massage


1/2 legs wax 

3/4 legs wax 

Full legs wax 

1/2 arm wax

Full arm wax 

Bikini line 

Under arm 

Chin/ Lip 

Side of face 


Eye brow shape 

Eye brow shape & tint 

Eye brow lift, shape & tint  

Eye brow tint   

Lashes lift & tint  

Lashes lift   

Lash lift instantly make your lashes look longer and the effect usually lasts for around eight to twelve weeks.

Lash lifts look much more natural!

We can tint them at the same time to maximize the effect, you can treat them as you usually would – you can wear mascara.

Face & Massage Treatment


1 hour treatment (gently cleansing &exfoliating, followed by mask & facial massage + hands or scalp massage extra.

Body massage 1 hour relaxation massage  

Body massage 1/2 hour relaxation massage

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