Bio Sculpture Gel

The perfect solution for beautiful nails

Bio Sculpture Gel strengthens, conditions, and promotes the growth of your natural nails while allowing weak, brittle nails to grow. There is no inhaling of dust, vapors, smelly odors and no excessive buffing before, during, or after application. Gel can quickly and safely be removed within ten to fifteen minutes with Bio Sculpture Gel Remover.

Bio Sculpture Gel is available in french or colour and lasts between 3-4 weeks. It dries instantly under a UV-A light, so no more waiting for polish to dry.

When applying gel to the nails in any of our treatments we gently push back the cuticles and clean the natural nail. This is to ensure maximum adhesion of the Bio Gel to the nail bed.

Gel Nails

Overlay – Bio Sculpture Gel overlays can be done in clear, color or French on fingernails and toenails. Overlays leave a shiny, flexible but durable protection that provide you with a neat, well- groomed, natural nail appearance. For the perfect overlay, choose from over 170 different color gels with no primers or bonders needed

Gel Fill – After 3-4 weeks, the natural nail has grown out, leaving a space of natural nail growth between the cuticle and gel. At this time, a gel fill should be performed with the same color. If a “color change” is requested, a different color should be selected

Gel Extensions – One of the many advantages of Bio Sculpture Gel is its innovative gels unique feature to create natural looking, flexible yet durable gel nail extensions that add nail length naturally. Bio Sculpture Sculpting Gel is opaque in color matching the natural nail tone and creates a perfect natural nail look.

A set of Bio Sculpture sculpted gel nails will last until the natural nail has grown to its full-required length. No Use of tips or glues, and can be soaked off and cut away after a few weeks, leaving clients with their own natural nail

Treatment Gels

Bio Sculpture Treatment Gels include the following products:

  • Flexible Gel – Clear Gel, Sculpture Gel
  • Medium Gel – Flexi Gel
  • Solid (less-flexible) Gel – S-Gel, Free-Edge Gel
  • Nail Art Gel – Royal Clear/Sealer Gel
  • UV Top Gel – UV-Gel Coat

Bio Sculpture Treatment Gels are non-toxic and free of Toluene, Formaldehyde, DPE (di butyl phthalate) and parabens.

Colour Gel


Bio Sculpture Colour Gel is a flexible gel that enhances the natural nail, thus not only giving the nail extra strength and firmness, but also no chip nail colour that will last for weeks without lifting, chipping or wearing away at the free edge. Choose from over 160 soak off gel colours that cure within two minutes under a 9watt UV-A lamp.

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