Beautify Your Hands

Feeling indulgent? Enjoy one of our most refreshing manicure using Bio Sculpture Spa Range to provide a luxurious manicure that your hands will love. Majority of the products are available to purchase for maintenance between your treatments.

All manicures include a shape, buff or polish application consisting of base coat, two coats of colour and top coat.

Shape and Polish

For those who need a shape and polish but are short on time; this brisk treatment is ideal. Cuticle oil is applied, nails are expertly shaped then your choice of polish to finish off.

Gel with Tips

Extending the nail with plastic tips, the gel is laid over the blended tip. Tips are applied to the nails, blent and shaped naturally. A protective layer of sculpture gel is applied, 2 coats of colour or french then a strong protective gel over the nail. Finished with high shine top coat and cuticle oil.

Gel Refills

Refilling the nail after they have grown out is recommend to be done every 3-4 weeks. Gel is lightly buffed to blend and even the gel before reapplying the gel. A protective layer of clear gel is applied, 2 coats of colour or french then a strong protective gel over the nail. Finished with high shine top coat and cuticle oil. If you have a colour gel and would like a lighter colour you will need a Removal and Overlay.

Express Manicure

An express manicure for clients on-the-go. Your nails are shaped, cleaned, cuticles groomed, hands are massaged. Followed by your choice of polish.

Standard Spa Manicure

Relax and enjoy a hand soak, in Potpourri Aqua Soak. Treatment includes cuticle soak, hand exfoliation and a light massage with Hand and Body Butter. Shape and polish to finish.

Deluxe Spa Manicure

The Deluxe Spa Manicure gives your hands and arms the attention they deserve. Cuticles are soaked in Potpourri Aqua Soak and groomed. Then hands are exfoliated with a Potpourri Salt Scrub to rejuvenate your skin. A super hydrating Mint Mask loaded with Peppermint and Eucalyptus is applied. Hands are massage with Hand and Body Butter to lock in moisture leaving you with fresh healthy skin. Nails are shape and polished to finish.


Paraffin Spa Manicure

The Paraffin Spa Manicure is the ultimate pampering experience. We file the nails to your desired shape. Apply cuticle remover and soak the nails in Potpourri Aqua Soak. After soaking we use Potpourri Salt Scrub to gently exfoliate and wash the hands. Then gently push cuticles back. We trim the cuticle’s, massage the hands and forearm with a super rich Hand and Body Butter, while the cream is still on we cover the hands in warm paraffin wax, to infuse the cream into the deeper layers for leaving you with silky soft skin. Nails are polished to finish.


Paraffin Dip Hands

The ultimate skin-softening paraffin treatment that brings you fast and effective heat therapy for blissful, soothing relief from arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, and strains.

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